Madina Madrassa – Parkwood

in Collaboration with Planet Mercy SA

The Madina Madrassa – Parkwood aims to give hope, growth and opportunity by providing a safe haven for the children of Parkwood. Parkwood is a community with a high unemployment rate and socio economic problems.
The School was established in 2015 and started off in a single container with 1 teacher.

Madina Madrassa Parkwood Appeal


We currently have 100 Registered Students, 5 Teachers with 4 classrooms and is managed by Madina Institute Alumni.

The Madrassa is open to all and no fees are charged.  At this point we require assistance with tuition and the addition of 2 more classrooms.

Sponsor a Student Campaign?

Our Madrassa is funded by the generous support of our community and in order to continue this we have embarked on our Sponsor a Student campaign. This campaign involves sponsoring the entire tution of a student for a year / 6 months / 1 month.

One Year    >> R1800

Half a Year >> R900

One Month >> R150

EFT Details:

Planet Mercy South Africa

First National Bank

Acc No: 6249 537 1694

Branch: 250655


“PWMZ  + Name” (Zakaah)

“PWMS + Name” (Sadaqah)

“PWML + Name” (Lilah)

Contact Uthman Brey for any queries: 082 872 1130

Items Requiring Urgent Attention

In addition to the tuition we currently require the following items.

  • TV / Projector [Saturday interactive class]
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Completion of Electrical Work [Therapy / Consultation / Office]
  • Addition of 1 / 2  Classrooms
  • Shoe Racks

Sponsor Your Time

Time, our most valuable asset. Should you wish to offer your time to assist in terms of teaching or special workshops please do contact us on: or the Madrassa Head – Rukeya Tape – 076 423 5129


Madina Madrassa Parkwood Appeal – 2017

Personal Info

Payments Can Be Made to:

Planet Mercy South Africa

First National Bank

Acc No: 6249 537 1694

Branch: 250655

Reference: PWMZ + Name - Zakaat

PWMS + Name – Sadaqah

PWML + Name - Lilah

Donation Total: R150.00